Launch your product and get noticed with a customised campaign that truly captures your target audience.

A successful product launch requires intricate planning with a show-stopping concept and perfect execution. The team from AsBella work closely with you during the planning stages of a product launch to ensure we understand your vision and expectations from the launch — allowing us to truly understand what you hope to achieve from the campaign. We do not just churn out events for clients; we take the time to understand your business needs and work with you to ensure your product launch is perfect for your needs.

AsBella will ensure that your product launch is a great success instigating sales momentum that will continue on through its future. We work hard to find out the heart and soul behind your business and product so we can get the best exposure for your business that connects with your target audience.

We work closely with our corporate partners to define your product’s position, its audience and goals, what makes it special and then deliver a well-timed and impeccably executed launch that will leave a lasting impression on your clients.

Our product launches include:

-        Media events / experiences

-        Brand experiences

-        Media and press announcements

-        Publicity drives

-        Media briefings

We are driven to assist your business achieve your core values by offering a valuable and timely event solution.

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